Demolition Derby

Young N Wreckless Demolition Derby

Small Car Demolition Derby — Wednesday, July 10, 2019 @ 8:00 p.m.

 Large and Small Car Demolition Derby — Saturday, July 13, 2019 @ 8:00 p.m.

2019 Small Car Rules

  1. Front wheel drive cars are to be no longer than 110 inch wheel base, rear wheel drive cars are to be no longer than 105 inches.
  2. No AMC’s or any 4wd vehicles.
  3. Motor swaps and rear end swaps are allowed. Must be 4 or 6 cylinder engines.
  4. You may run a motor cradle only nothing else, and it can be no wider than the engine. If it acts as a brace to the frame rails, you won’t pass. No trans brakes.
  5. You may run a rear end brace but it also is to brace the rear end only, not the rails or body.
  6. You may have a floating 4 point cage that has to be 5 inches away from the firewall, trans tunnel and floor pan. You can have a gas tank holder that must be 5 inches away from rear sheet metal. Rear bar can be no further back than 12 inches from the post. That goes for door cars as well.
  7. Any wheel and tire is ok
  8. Leaf spring cars must have factory leafs or factory replacements for that car. No homemade leafs or flat stacked they don’t come from the factory like that!
  9. Doors may be welded 6 on 6 off all the way around on the outside only.
  10. Trunk may be welded 6 on 6 off and may be pushed down but ¼’s must still be standing with two 8×8 holes cut on the outer part of the trunk lid.
  11. Must use a factory mini car hood and you may bolt it with ¾ in all thread but it must NOT go through any part of the frame “sheetmetal only.” You may weld four pieces of angle no longer than 3 inches no bigger than 2×2 angle on the fender/hood and put a bolt through it. So you will have 6 hold downs total.
  12. You may either run the OEM bumper shock for that make and model car or a piece of 2 inch round or square tubing, 8 inches max. If you choose to run a stock shock you can only weld 8 inches of it. No bolting either!
  13. On W bodies do not remove the factory rubber or re-bolt it.
  14. You may convert any engine to carb style.
  15. Window bars (2) are to be no bigger than 2×2 or 3 in.x1/2 flat bar. 4×4 ¼ mounting plate on the roof and deck lid area. If they are made to strengthen the car in any way they will be cut. Roll over bar must go straight up and cannot be connected.
  16. Hoods must be open for inspection.
  17. Radiators must be in original location.
  18. On your frames, you can have 4 patch plates total 1 per rail. 2×4 ¼ max size anywhere you want them but only 1 per rail!! That’s on fresh and pre ran cars.
  19. You may have any factory car style bumper. It can be loaded or you may have a homemade bumper no bigger than 4×6 ¼ material. Back bumpers must remain stock but can load the inside.
  20. No seam welding of any kind, no shaping or creasing frame.
  21. Trans coolers and oil coolers are allowed but must not be made to strengthen the car in any way.
  22. Can weld your struts solid
  23. If you have a rusty frame or need sheet metal patched you must send pictures but there will be very limited options for both!!
  24. No shortening of cars what so ever!!!
  25. You may run a slip shaft
  26. Sway bar must remain stock or you can just take it off.


If the rules don’t say do it, than don’t do it!! If you have a questions about something feel free to ask!!!

Call or text Shawn at 859-553-0951 for more information


Prize money:

Large car:              $1,000             $400                $100
Large car prizes are for Saturday event only.

Small car:               $1,000             $400                $100