Garden Tractor Pull

Monday, July 5, 2021 @ 8:00 pm


Commonwealth Garden Tractor Pulling Association

2019 Classes are below (these may change for 2021 so check with CGTPA for the latest information)

8 HP &  under stock alt.850 lbs.Gas or Alcohol
14 HP & under stock (unmodified 30 carb)1000 lbsGas only
25 HP & under stock TWIN (60 cu. in. limit)1000 lbs 
48 cu. in. v-twin (ohv or flathead)1000 lbsGas or Alcohol
Hotrod, Open CC1150 lbsGas or Alcohol
20 HP & under stock1000 lbsGas only
12 HP & under stock alt1000 lbsGas or Alcohol

  ******All classes are 13 inch hitch********

******Alcohol burners must wear fire suit********