Alpaca & Llama Fun Show

Alpaca & Llama Fun Show

Non-sanctioned performance-only camelid show

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Show starts at 6:00 PM


Chairperson: John Berryman (859-333-9413)




This is an obstacle performance show and showmanship show as defined in the 2021 Show System Handbook of the Alpaca Owners Association (AOA). For additional details, refer to that AOA publication, Part IV, Chapter 25, Section
1 (Showmanship Class) and Section 3 (Obstacle Class).  Also see Chapters 26 and 27 of that publication for scoring information.


Obstacle Class Description: The obstacle class demonstrates a team effort between the handler and their animal through a variety of obstacles. The animal participates with the handler during the class to demonstrate its level of training and willingness to cooperate with its handler and is a partner in the score over the course. The animal’s quality is not part of the judging. The ideal performance consists of a poised and calm team that performs the required movements with promptness and willingness on a loose lead.


Showmanship Class Description: The showmanship class is judged solely on the handler’s ability to prepare and present their alpaca at halter. The alpaca participates with the handler during the class to demonstrate the handler’s preparation and style of presenting their alpaca to the Judge for evaluation. The alpaca’s quality is not part of the judging.


  • Competition is open to all.
  • Health regulations will be the same as
    sanctioned shows:
    • Animals must have Certificate of Veterinarian Inspection (CVI) with BVDV test result noted within 30 days of show date.
    • All alpacas entered in or present at the show must be tested for BVDV using the PCR test. One test in the lifetime of the alpaca is sufficient to ensure that it is not a Persistently Infected (PI) alpaca. The Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV) “negative” or BVDV “not detected” test result must be written on the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) along with the date of the test, the lab that performed the test and the testing method (PCR).
    • As with every fair livestock event, animals who are sick should NOT be brought onto the fairgrounds.
  • Because this is a non-sanctioned show, animals need not be registered but must be pure-blooded alpaca or llama.
  • Animals need not be owned by the exhibitor.
  • Youth participating in this fun show do not need to have 4-H or FFA projects to be eligible, but such projects are encouraged, where offered.
  • No entry fees are required to enter in this show.
  • The same animal may be shown by different show persons.
  • Ribbons will be awarded to participants, but no premiums will be paid.
  • Barn facilities are available on a first come first-served basis, but exhibitors must bring their own pens/enclosures. The fairgrounds has two tie barns that can easily accommodate 60 head of cattle or over 80 goats/sheep.
  • Exhibitors and others in accompaniment must pay gate admission. This admission also entitles exhibitors to enjoy other fair events if they choose.
  • Animals and exhibitors may arrive at any time after 8:00 a.m. on the day of show. Arriving early maximizes availability of barn space. Exhibitors can come and go from the fairgrounds without paying to re-enter.
  • The judge will conduct an exhibitor meeting in the show area at the start of the show. All exhibitors should attend this meeting. The judge will perform a walk-through of the course, defining the obstacle order and explain the criteria of success for each obstacle.
  • The number of attempts each exhibitor and animal is allowed to complete an obstacle and the time limit will be determined day-of-show and may vary by class.
  • All exhibitors must follow instructions from judges, ringmasters and other show officials at all times. Decisions of judges and show officials are final.
  • Animals not being shown are not allowed on the fairgrounds except for service animals (no pets are allowed at the Jessamine County Fair except for the pet show).
  • Announcements day of show take precedence over published materials.


The following rules and regulations are included in the Jessamine County Fair Association by-laws and apply to all exhibitors and events:

  1. Exhibitors in each department should read the rules in each department since they are expected to abide by them.
  2. All entries must be made in the name of the actual owner.
  3. The Fair Board reserves the right of declining to accept entries from any exhibitor, or to remove any animal or attendant from any show without liability and the board also reserves the right to dismiss at any time any contestant who does not show a proper amount of cooperation and courtesy to committee members, consultants, judges or fellow contestants.
  4. Every possible protection and courtesy will be extended exhibitors at the fair, but the board shall not be responsible for any loss of exhibits, animals, or equipment in case of fire, theft or from any other cause.
  5. The Jessamine County Fair, Inc. its agents, servants or employees shall not be held liable in case of any accident or in the buildings from any cause whatsoever while on the grounds of the Jessamine County Fair.
  6. Every exhibitor and concessioner will pay admission at the gate. No refunds.
  7. The Jessamine County Fair is planned and conducted according to the rules and regulations of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture for the use of state funds.
  8. All open classes open for youth also.
  9. No alcoholic beverages and/or drugs are allowed on the premises.
  10. Open classes are open to all exhibitors unless otherwise specified.
  11. Entries made in 4-H, FFA and FCCLA classes must have been produced in conjunction with an approved project sponsored by these organizations.
  12. Skateboards and bicycles are not allowed on the fairgrounds unless to be used in approved events.




  • Bridge with steps or ramp
  • Jumps
  • Flexibility or maneuverability
  • Change of pace
  • Backing – straight or “L” shaped


  • Load in trailer
  • Go through gate or door
  • Walk over teeter-totter
  • Go under limbo bar
  • Pick up foot
  • Walk through tires
  • Safety/Quick-release tie
  • Side-step over rail
  • Put hat on animal
  • Put blanket on animal
  • Obstacles using hoop or rope circle
  • Follow judge’s instructions, such as “show teeth”
  • Answer judge’s questions, such as anatomy questions,animal age, color
  • Change of surface: tarp, plastic, plywood, water, rattling/noisy
  • Others added by judge or show officials


  • The order of classes may be changed by officials on the day of show.
  • There will not be a championship or best of show class or award.
  • Unlike sanctioned shows, classes for this show will be based upon the show experience of the show person, not their age.

Class categories

Classes below may be combined or split by show officials based upon numbers of entries.

Obstacle/performance classes (CP):

  • CP01 First-year novice (any youth in 1st show year)
  • CP02 Novice (any youth in 2nd or 3rd show year)
  • CP03 Intermediate (any youth in 4th to 6th show year)
  • CP04 Senior youth (any youth with 7 or more show years)
  • CP05 Adult class (all experience levels)

Showmanship classes (CS):

  • CS01 First-year novice (any youth in 1st show year)
  • CS02 Novice (any youth in 2nd or 3rd show year)
  • CS03 Intermediate (any youth in 4th to 6th show year)
  • CS04 Senior youth (any youth with 7 or more show years)
  • CS05 Adult class (all experience levels)


The following statement, in compliance with Kentucky Revised Statues 247.401 et seq., limits the liability of the Jessamine County Fair Association, Inc. and our livestock exhibitors. Your participation at the fair is an acknowledgement that you have been advised of this risk through the following statement. You will also find this notice conspicuously posted in the livestock areas of the fairgrounds.



Under Kentucky law, a farm animal activity sponsor, farm animal professional, or other person does not have the duty to eliminate all risks of injury of participation in farm animal activities. There are inherent risks of injury that you voluntarily accept if you participate in farm  animal activities.