Are you interested in being a part of our Board of Directors? The Fair Board is always looking for volunteers with a willingness to participate and good moral character! Our meetings are open to the public. We meet the second Tuesday of each month (except in October and December) at 7:00 p.m. at the blue multi-purpose building at the fairgrounds. If you’d like to be a part of the fair, we invite you to attend a meeting to join or just to ask questions. If you’d like to know more, contact Secretary Holly Hollon at (859) 509-6709 or Treasurer John Berryman at (859) 333-9413.

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Executive Committee 2018-2019
  • President  J.W. Bruner, Jr.
  • Vice President  Donna Canter
  • Secretary  Holly Hollon
  • Treasurer  John Berryman
Board of Directors 2018-2019

Rachel Archer
Gerria Berryman
John Berryman
Tyler Berryman
Brenda Bruner
Debbie Bruner
Jay W. Bruner
Madison Bruner
Trink Bruner
Donna Canter
Dorothy Canter
Ralph Canter
Lindsey Conners
T. J. Conners
Jessica Doolin
Twinkie Floyd
Bella Hodge
Holly Hollon
Bradley Houp
Charles Houp
Christal Houp
Jennie Houp
Eric Noble
Barbara Osten
Sylvia Sexton
Kyley Shinnall
Brenda Shultz
Roger Shultz
Trina Shultz
Sadie Stinnett
Charlotte Todd
Dennis Todd
Dorothy J. Vale
Jodie Vickers
Ashley Wagoner
Larry Wagoner
Kathy Walker
Addie White

Deceased Members

JoAnn Berryman
Stuart Berryman
Mrs. Alex Bower
Avon Bradshaw
Billy Lee Bradshaw
Marilyn Bradshaw
Ray David
Sherman Dean, Jr.
Mrs. William Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Elliott
Neal Floyd
Dr. C. R. Hager
Mr. and Mrs. Goel Halfhill
Albert Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Harney
Junior Land
Marlin Marrs
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller
Clarence Mitchell
Charles Mulcahy
Jerome Ogden
Henry Perkins
J. L. Perkins
Lillian Perkins
Frank Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Shearer
Frank Teater
Richard Vale
Nell Veale
Mr. and Mrs. Hiter Woods
Harlan Veal
Harold Waits
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Simpson
Esther Davis
Louetta Smith

Hall of Fame

Elaine Adams
Stuart Berryman
Betty Burton
Wm. Neal Cassity
Howard Downing
Ed Easterly
Doug Fain
Joann Moss
Gertrude Mulcahy
Clarence Noland
Lillian Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Simpson
Kathy Smitson
Buddy Teater
Harlan Veal
Harold Waits

Honorary & Ex Oficio Members

Matt Simpson, FFA
Ryan Thomas, FFA
Chris Thompson, FFA
Christina Thomas, FFA
Ashley Puckett, FFA- East Jessamine Middle
Cary York, FCCLA
RaAnn Miller, FCCLA
Steve Musen, County Extension
Cathy Weaver, County Extension
Joe Harvey, Jessamine County Saddle Club
Edward Perkins, Jessamine County Farm Bureau
Charles Miller, Jessamine County Beef Cattle Association