The Board of Directors determines the admission price each year prior to the fair. For 2022, the admission price has been set at $12 per person every night of the fair.

Parking is always FREE and conveniently located within the fairgrounds.

No. We do not offer any advance ticket sales.

Any offers you find on the Internet or “I bought a ticket I can’t use and want to sell it” are all SCAMS! Every year there are a few of these scams on the Internet. Don’t fall for it. Report any such offers as fraudulent on the platform where they are offered for sale.

This website allows us to publish our official fair schedule and all the details about the fair events and official notices. Our social media feeds contain the latest discussions and “buzz” about the fair. If you want to stay tuned into the very latest information feeds, follow us on Facebook. If you need official rules, entry forms, etc., then you’ll find them on this website when they’re available.

We’re always looking for people willing to help plan and execute the fair! The one thing all the board members have in common is a love of the fair. Often, members have specific venues that are their areas of focus but we all want the fair to be the best it can be. We plan all year for just six days in the heart of summer. It’s a lot of fun but also a lot of work. If you think this might interest you, come to one of our meetings or reach out to any fair board member. If you don’t know a fair board member, contact someone via the About Us page. By the way, we are all volunteers. Our by-laws prevent paying our members for anything so people that do business with the fair can’t be board members.

Visit the main concessions stand next to the pageants pavilion. It is staffed with fair board members who can bring the right resources to bear on any problem from a lost item to spectator concerns, safety issues, etc. We can also be reached via social media. Just send a direct message to us via Facebook.

Yes. Your paid admission is good for that day. You must have proof that you have paid for admission to be re-admitted. See a gate agent for details.

No. Only service animals and animals being exhibited in fair venues and events are allowed.

We do not have an ATM. Sometimes the carnival has one, but you will need cash to get in the gate as admission is cash only.

There are no refunds on gate admission, including refunds due to weather. In the event of inclement weather, rides will re-open as soon as it is safe to do so. Motorsports events will continue if possible.

The gate and most vendors only accept cash. It’s possible that some vendors may accept credit/debit cards but be prepared for cash-only purchases for admission and food.

Events start at different times so check the fair schedule if you’re looking for a specific event. Here’s the carnival schedule for the rides:

Monday through Friday: 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Saturday: 4:30 p.m. to midnight

No. Outside food and drinks are prohibited. Also bottles and containers made of glass are also prohibited because of the hazards they pose if broken.

Note that alcohol possession or consumption at the fairgrounds is prohibited by governmental regulation. Anyone possessing, consuming or under the influence of alcoholic beverages will be asked to leave and/or reported to law enforcement.

If you have a question not listed here, reach us on Facebook with a direct message, see someone on the fair board and reach us through the About Us page. We’ll do our best to answer your questions and perhaps add your question here in the future.